Friday, 15 April 2011


Here are a few of our patches, email us for a more up to date and thorough list. Patches are 50p/£1.00 at the moment. We have some back patches on the way too. Email upside down noise at gmail dot com for more info or prices. Apologies for the crappy picture quality - our digital camera is shite.

Our patches have quite a few fabric choices and sometimes more than one ink colour.Please click on the patch name for a picture

Electric Funeral (LP cover) - White ink - Red tartan/black/shiny denim/leopard print
Electric funeral (LP cover) - Blue ink - Black/grey/leopard print
This patch ^ is slightly bigger than a 7"

 Format = Band - Ink - Fabric choice

Acrostix - Black/grey/brown/denim/neon orange/shiny red

Amebix - Black
Anarchy - Red ink - Black/denim/leopard print

Aus-Rotten - Black/grey/brown/denim/neon orange/shiny red
Burnt Cross - Black/grey

Confuse (logo) - Black
English Dogs - Black/grey/red tartan/black tartan
Infest - Multi-coloured ink - Navy blue
Infest - White ink - Black/shiny denim/red tartan/leopard print/black tartan
Mouth Sewn Shut - Black/grey

Pisschrist - Black/leopard print/shiny denim/Black tartan
Poikkeus - Red ink - Black/grey/denim

Tampere SS - Black/grey

Anti-System (Strange Love) - Grey/denim/neon orange/shiny red

Certified - Black/shiny denim

Chaos UK - Black/Red tartan/denim

Charles Bronson - Black/shiny denim/red tartan/leopard print/black tartan

Confuse (band1) - Black/shiny denim/red tartan/denim/leopard print/black tartan

D-clone - Black
Disaffect - Black/grey/brown/denim

Discharge (D-control) - Black/red tartan/denim

Discharge (live) - Black/red tartan

Disclose - Black/denim

Disprove - Black/green/brown/reverse denim/denim

Drop D-Beat Not Bombs -  Multi- coloured ink - Navy blue
Drop D-Beat Not Bombs - White Ink - Black/grey/red tartan/shiny denim/leopard print

Framtid - Black

Gai - Black

Gauze - Black

Gloom - Red ink - Black/grey/denim
Gloom - White ink - Black

Iconoclast - Black/brown/grey/denim

Kriegshog - Black/grey

Kromosom - Black

Magrudergrind - Red ink - Black/denim
Magrudergrind - White ink - Black

Nausea - Black/denim/red tartan

Poundaflesh - Black
Rudimentary Peni - Black/green/denim/Red tartan/brown

Trash breeds... - Grey/black

Varukers - Multi-coloured ink - Navy blue
Varukers - White ink - Black/shiny denim/red tartan/leopard print/black tartan

Warvictims - Black/grey/denim

Wretched - Black/grey/red tartan

Zynose - Red ink - Black/grey
Zynose - White ink - Black

We get new stock in all the time so please message us if there's anything you want that you can't see and we'll let you know if and when we get some in. 

If you're a band and you have patches for sale or trade please contact us.

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